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An important warning for everyone interested in the subject of the pyramids and the Wands of Horus, regarding the appearance of fraudulent websites:,,,, and other clones of wands of Ra.
Everything that made Egypt great was received at one time from the gods (Netheru). The significance of the knowledge obtained from the Netheru, which permeated all spheres of life, was so great that all subsequent civilizations and generations recognized the legitimacy only of what had its origins with the Netheru (was given by them), what was explained by or connected with the "First Time", the time of the Netheru. And so the ancient wisdom said:

"Beware of those whose doings do not have their origins in deep antiquity, because all that they bring you will be lies, destruction and sham…"

The determining energy catalyst that sets in motion the processes leading to transformation and ascent is loftiness and sincerity of intention. Carefully concealed falsehood and deceit invest any process with a negative impulse that always has and always will lead to degradation. For that very reason the pyramids of Egypt were not built by slaves.

The initiates of antiquity would never under any circumstances have permitted the involvement in the construction of the pyramids of people with negative thoughts and a negative psycho-emotional state, because everything that they touched would then become a conductor of negative energy. Pyramids or temples built by slaves or people with impure intent would at best not work at all and at worst would charge people with negative energy and inflict colossal damage on their surroundings, the Noosphere and the ecology of consciousness.

Those seeking to sell through the fraudulent websites have never engaged in the study of the edifices of Ancient Egypt. They are not, therefore, burdened by the ancient wisdom. Ask them what books or articles they have written, or anything else that might in any way confirm their status. Ask any of them to share with humanity the light of their knowledge, to speak at a seminar or give a lecture on the pyramids, the "Wands of Ra". "Wands of Maat" or "Egyptian Rods". (For the sake of complete accuracy, I should state that those who brought the knowledge and built the pyramids on Egyptian soil were not Egyptians, but Atlanteans! So, it would be more correct to call the precious tools "Wands of the Atlanteans".)

Any competent person will be well aware that in Egypt everything relating to harmony and harmonization bore the name of Horus, the god of harmony. Accordingly, the rods were called "wands of Horus". For the same reason, in the ancient depictions you will find wands in the hands of Horus, but they are not seen in the hands of Ra or Maat!

God Ra
Because in 27 years of studying the ancient monuments, I have delved deep into the subject and know it better than anyone else.
Because the theme of the Wands of Horus and their role in the development of the spiritual energy potential of the priests and pharaohs of Ancient Egypt has been given its profound substantiation and disclosed in my books and articles, I bear a certain responsibility for the purity and ethics of everything connected with the topic of the Wands of Horus and the pyramids. You may ask why.
The Wands of Horus are an amazing tool. The Wands of Horus do what modern medical technologies are still incapable of achieving because those modern methods do not use the knowledge and models implemented in the Wands of Horus by the scholars of the distant past. Precisely for that reason, as an expert well aware of the potential of the Wands of Horus, I am profoundly convinced that in time this unique tool will appear in every household, because there is as yet no alternative to the Wands of Horus and the way they influence the human organism.

At the same time, I am deeply concerned that the counterfeit versions that have appeared can damage the user's physical wellbeing, and in some cases can cause harm that is hard to correct, as I wrote in my book The Wands of Horus published as far back as 2004.

Read the book The Wands of Horus ( or Pyramids from 2007 ( and compare their contents with what the creators of the fraudulent websites have to say. Everything will immediately become clear to you.

from 2007
Accordingly, if the swindlers running the fraudulent websites quote my books, which reveal the secrets behind the Wands of Horus, but suggest you buy some "Wands of Ra" or "Egyptian Rods", as if they are the Wands of Horus, then I have an obligation to warn the public that this is not a marketing ploy, but deceit and common fraud.

Imagine the situation where an ordinary PR manager puts on a white coat and pretends to be a doctor, or even worse claims to have specialist knowledge of an ancient wisdom that will lead people to enlightenment! How would you describe that? Yet that is exactly what is going on with these people who sell the counterfeits that they call "Wands of Ra", "Cylinders of the Pharaoh" or "Egyptian Rods".

My warning is important from an ethical viewpoint, so as to prevent people suffering in one way or another. And, in the event of negative consequences from the use of counterfeits, so that a shadow might not fall on the Wands of Horus, on my partners and me, as the source of the knowledge, with a travesty of which these fraudulent pirates professing to be the legitimate heirs to the learning of Ancient Egypt, attempt to earn money with a disregard for the main thing – common human values.

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